A new DVD and CD-ROM from the creators of the classic LightSOURCE...

‘Blossoming Lotus’ brings to life and breathes dazzling light into mystical sacred symbols of the Far East.
Hypnotic LightSOURCE animation and vibrantly brilliant colors merged with the heart-opening, ‘INDIGO for Quantum Focus’ Hemi-Sync® soundtrack from Monroe Products, will uplift and inspire you to unparalleled new peaks of creative inspiration.

INDIGO is an extraordinary, nurturing Metamusic® composition featuring designer mixes of Hemi-Sync® frequencies for super learning and concentration that provide a roadmap to expanded awareness.

Blossoming Lotus presents twelve mandalas from the Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions that manage at once to be both ancient and contemporary. Mandalas illustrated are:

Tao Yin Yang
The Blossoming Lotus
Dorje Sceptre
The Endless Knot & Wheel of Life
Kanji Yin Yang
The Mahakala


Lhasa Lotus
Lotus Buddha
Om Devanagari
Mahamudra Buddha
Om Mane Padme Hum
The Sri Yantra





Use Blossoming Lotus as powerfully focused meditation, for daily stress reduction and serene ambience, as joyful upliftment at ceremonies and gatherings, and even for a profoundly deep new experience when giving or receiving massage.


Hemi-Sync® was developed by Monroe Products, and is a patented audio guidance technology, scientifically and clinically proven and refined with over 40 years of research. Hemi-Sync® sound patterns lead the brain to various states of consciousness including deep relaxation, expanded awareness, and other “extraordinary” states.



Blossoming Lotus CD-ROM:

  • High-resolution vector-based imagery
  • Velvety smooth LightSOURCE animation
  • Millions of rich colors
  • You can also play your own music along with the animation using the integrated playlist utility
  • You can vary animation speeds, plus pause and step through frame-by-frame to screen-capture and create beautiful desktop wallpaper.

Blossoming Lotus CD-ROM
includes both Windows and Macintosh versions


Blossoming Lotus DVD:

  • Stunning High Definition on both Standard and HD sets
  • Velvety smooth animation
  • The richest, sustained, saturated  colors you have ever seen on a TV
  • On-disc extras include: 'About Hemi-Sync,' featuring Laurie Monroe and 'LightSOURCE Arts Sacred Symbols' slide show featuring the soundtrack, 'Shaman's Heart with Hemi-Sync' (by Byron Metcalf with with Steve Roach).

Blossoming Lotus DVD

 includes both Standard and Widescreen versions