Hanta Yo is a Lakota Sioux term that means "clear the way". It indicates the intention of drawing on the Great Spirit to clear the way while you do your part with faith. All mystical, conscious work, including yoga, meditation, the martial arts, and even organic gardening are about connecting to an infinite source of creative potential. Techniques vary but the goals are identical: to conduct the life force more dynamically through the body/mind of the human being. This focused energy is then applied toward healing, well-being and creative expression.

Hanta Yo is a beautiful collection of Native American medicine wheels and mandalas composed of power symbols and shields, LightSOURCE animated and brought to life, infused with light and brilliant color. They delight the spirit, open the heart, expand the mind, and clear the soul.

Among The People, a child's first Teaching is of the Four Great Powers of the Medicine Wheel. To the North (red)  is found Wisdom. The South (yellow) is the place of Innocence and Trust. The West (black) is the Looks-Within Place, which speaks to our introspective Nature. The East (white) is the Place of Illumination, where we can see things clearly, far and wide. Hanta Yo is an entrancing portal into Native American cosmology.

Use Hanta Yo both as an inspiring screen saver and a tool for meditation and achieving expanded states of awareness. 

  • Ultra high-resolution vector-based images.
  • Velvety smooth animation
  • Millions of rich colors.
  • Allows you to vary speeds, pause animation, and step through sequences frame-by-frame.
  • You can select your own music to automatically play with the animation using the integrated playlist utility.
  • You can use it to make desktop wallpaper and create beautiful prints.





Software requirements for CD-ROM—For Windows computers:

Windows XP or Vista. 480 MB hard drive space

Macintosh computers: OSX 10.3.9 or higher, including Intel-based

480 MB hard drive space.






For WINDOWS  computers

For Macintosh